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Holiday insurance (Spain) for injury/repatriation etc


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I'm planning a visit to see my brother in Spain later this spring. Whilst a valid EH1C card is useful, it seems to make sense to have accident insurance to cover extras like repatriation etc.

I've found a company SportsCoverDirect that will cover but it costs £120 for a 10 day trip. For previous PMC holidays are there any other companies that people can suggest ?

Cheers all......

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Hello Hodders,

Last year I used JS Insurance for the Spain PMC trip. I made sure that there was an endorsement for paramotoring. I think 8 days cover was something like £40 (off the top of my head). 

The guy I spoke to was Chris Hollingsworth (01273 773 017). He was very helpful.

Thankfully I never needed to use the insurance so I've no idea whether this would have cut the mustard in the event of something unfortunate. FYI I am also in no way connected to them... its just the company I found last year.


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I am just shopping for insurance at the moment as off to Thailand last week in march for a month,meant to do it last year but went to the darkside and had microlight lessons instead,paramotoring this year,will phone some of the insurance companies next week thanks :coptor:

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Very wary of dogtag - reading their Extreme Sports policy I noticed that whilst engaging in Paramotoring there is No personal accident or liability cover. So I pay the extra for an extreme sports policy and then am explicitly NOT covered for accident/liability when engaging in that sport. Whilst medical cover is included it still takes away significant policy benefits.

See Page 6 of https://www.dogtag.co.uk/media/1683/covered-hazardous-sports-181217-v1.pdf for the relevant section.

Calling JS now....



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