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Low flying plane


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I was flying at just after 9 am today near Estepona, Spain. I thought I would take a few photos so climbed to 273m (about 900 feet). I turned 180 degrees to face up the coast and I can see a C130 plane coming towards me. It was about 400m off the coast and I was about 100m out. He looked pretty much the same height, maybe just a few feet higher. Whilst the minimum is 1000 feet for commercial planes, this looked like Spanish military, that have no limits!

We were close enough to wave! Just wish I had had my video on! The photo below was just after he went past to my right. By the time I turned round to see where he was going, it was just spec in the camera.



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14 hours ago, BenM said:

Do you use a strobe in the day to increase your visibility ? Or is it not as effective in daylight ? 

I think they knew I was there and had deliberately come to have a look. Last week a helicopter was impounded here because of drug smuggling from Morocco. I'm guessing they are keeping a check on anything that shows up! After going past me the plane turned 90 degrees out to sea and climbed.  

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On 24/02/2018 at 08:36, Wyrleybird said:

BenM if you have a strobe light why wouldn't you use it during the day? as you are only VFR anyway.

They are very effective during daylight hours

I was thinking more 30mins after sunrise and 30 before sunset when it gets less light. Glad they work in daylight. Will take a look 

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