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Another Shooting Massacre

Brian Mcculloch Glasgow

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I, like a good many others am completely and utterly dismayed by the lack of any apparent intention by the U.S government to do anything about the current situation concerning firearms. In Blighty in 1996 handguns were banned in the wake of the Dunblane school massacre and since then there has been only one 'spree killing' so it must work.

I personally was under the impression that ALL Americans were pro guns and all had this inbuilt mad want to own as many guns as their measly dollars would allow them to buy. So, I was surprised to see on the T.V mass anti gun demonstrations by hundreds of thousands of U.S citizens all across America to try and get the government to sit up take note and admit there is a huge problem with gun ownership - my faith was restored.

I am nowhere near being anti gun and indeed have owned them myself but in the U.K we have some of the tightest gun laws in the E.U, every single applicant is carefully vetted and interviewed by the local firearms officer to find out why exactly they want to own a gun and of they have any allocated land to shoot over - this is repeated upon every 5 year renewal period. The system is so thorough it runs at 5 or 6 months in arrears.  In the states as I understand it you need do no more than show some kind of i.d over the counter and you can have as many assault rifles as you like.  It really does need a thorough overhaul.     

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