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Forgotten Valley Paramotors inc


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Hi All,

Well it's official, Forgotten Valley Paramotors Inc or FVPi is now registered.

FVPi is a new club situated on the Hawkesbury river about 1 hour 10 North West from the Sydney CBD. The Airfield is accessible by land, air and sea. The property and airfield are surrounded by 3 kilometers of river frontage to the West and magnificent Hawkesbury River escarpment to the East.

This is only a brief info release, as we are still in the throws of writing SOP's and finishing off Facebook pages and so on. The club itself should be fully operational mid to late March so this as an introduction as to whats on offer in the near future.

The link will give you a few ideas of whats available as this is an existing airfield geared specifically as an aeronautical B&B  http://www.themissions1937.com.au/ I should mention that the website is for the B&B side of things. If you wish to contact the club directly, Facebook is the best option. On the other hand, if your heading to Sydney and would just like a quite get away, feel free to contact Primrose via the missions 1937 link to make a reservation .

I will be updating info with photo's as we go with some of the facilities hidden treasures over the coming weeks that are not on the site, such as the cinema for training that feature half a dozen or so 747 first class seats, back row of course, functioning. A large function hall for club meetings, campsite on the rivers edge, and for those wishing to do a bit of light reading, a comprehensive aeronautical library located in the tower entrance.

Facebook ; https://www.facebook.com/Forgotten-Valley-Paramotors-Inc-150379329008592/


Meeting shed.


Multi purpose Cinema.



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