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EOS 100 engine advice


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Hello All !

I’m Looking for a little advice with the EOS100 engine. I’ve got one near brand new at 4 hours old. When starts it runs okay then cuts out after around 2 mins.

When re starting, it runs fairly erratically and can seemingly idle down too low and then sounds like the starter engages a knocking sound then cuts out.

Adding a little gas/throttle to prevent that seems to of course prevent the low idle cut out but then engine RPM seems to jump around quite a bit. 

Is this just the standard for a cold, new 2 stroke in very cold weather ?
I’ve Not flown it as I’m still learning but I’m just ground running at the idle mark to test my purchase works (prop off of course and okayed by manufacturer fir warm up at pre flight) 
Thanks for the help !  

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So the engine is running okay. It’s just leaking tones of black oil like sludge from the engine block so I’ve got in contact with the supplier. Have you Seb this too Simon ? (I’m sure I’ve heard others complain of this too) 

I’ve got a little air bubbles in the line just before the carb and after the in line fuel filter is this okay and likely to go or needs pruning out ? 


Thanks again !

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