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Hand into prop


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Anyone else see this?

From one of the FB pages.

The guy had just services gearbox and was running the motor on the ground. He was bracing the frame by holding the top spar gave way as he was running it up and ended up putting his hand through prop.

Frame being 'b-free' don't think it is a brand common in UK.

Picture explains the rest.



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I'll raise you a chopped hand! This was the throttle hand pulled into the prop by slack throttle cable last year.


Graphic warning.



Scroll down only if you like to see horrible accidents......



You have been warned.......



Told you.





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O.K so a quick story to add to this thread.

A guy who was a newbie within our group bought a wing and a bit later on a motor too. He was getting on fairly well with his ground handling stuff but suddenly he just faded off (as some do) so we thought little more of it.

A few days back an ad appeared on our whatsapp page for some gear up for sale, namely a wing and a motor (the makes and models are not information I have.(he had decided flight was not for him)  A couple of guys decided to go over to view the items so duly made arrangements. Upon arrival they were greeted with ambulances and also the guys father saying it was not a good time to call as there had been an accident and his son was hurt. Luckily one of the guys is a doctor so persuaded the father to let him in as he could  possibly provide some valuable help. His son had decided to run the engine up to make sure it was o.k. he ran it up on the floor without getting into the harness, it spun up to full throttle immediately and the spinning prop did it's stuff. He received lacerations to both arms and one finger was left hanging by a thread and had no certain future.

These things are man sized food blenders and will happily scoff the unaware.      

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