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advantages of flying boots:

1. Generally lighter

2. All-eyelet ie no hooks for lines to get caught on

3. Usually higher neck so more ankle support (some walking boots have equally good support but some dont)

4. Pose factor

advantages of walking boots:

1. Generally cheaper

2. Vastly larger number of sources

3. Much wider range of 'fit' within sizes (especially for the 'big boy' sizes this is significant!)

Personally - walking boots due to parsimony and size 13/14 depending on make. Free flying used to slap a line of masking tape over the eyelets but gradually couldn't be bothered and it has not presented a problem so far.

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Treated myself to a pair of Crisspi's, and very nice they are too. Removable stiffeners in the ankles let you walk comfortably when they're out.

As an aside, I remembered I had a pair of expensive heat moulded insoles in my Salomon ski boots that get very little use, so a bit of messing about transferred them to the Crisppi's which gives loads of arch support.

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90% of the time i wear trainers, the only time i where boots is Paragliding or when the ground is a bit damp, i Skydive and we all wear light footwear for that, the only differance i can see while Paramotoring is the extra weight on my back on take off and landing where i may need a little extra ankle support. After saying that, boots are better for trogging across uneven farmers fields with all that cow shit! My main take off and landing site is cricket pitch flat so trainers are good for me.

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