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Climb rates at high density altitudes

Nick Reiter

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Hello all,

I'm looking at getting a bigger motor in order to do tandems, and my main priority is to get to 10,000 to 12,000 MSL in as short of a time as possible. I'm considering the thor 200 vs the 250. I tried to research what the relative climb rates would be in order to make an educated decision but can't find anything online. I would be launching from 4,000 MSL in warm texas air. Any help would be greatly appreciated!


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It is quite a complex question and you would not be able to find any precise numbers for climb rate. It depends on the wing type, wing load, thrust, prop, weather, etc. In my opinion if you regularly want to do 12 000ft, higher thrust is second to none, I would not hesitate to go for 250.

PS Angle of attack does not depend on thrust :) as it is an angle between the chord and upcoming air (not between the chord and horizontal plane) :) BHPA exam theory is still sitting in my memory :)


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Having done and set 3 TTC (time to climb) World records if you want to do tandems and climb to that sort of height fast you will need a 250!! 

One main reason is the 250 is So reliable compared to the 200...  Also the state of tune at sea level needs to be set Lean otherwise you run out at altitude as it's getting richer all the time...

We have attempted and have broken the Tandem TTC record but have not been able to claim it due to Instrument failure and a slight Airspace infringement... :$ 

My PF1 3000mTTC climb rates started off at 1000fpm dropping to 750fpm @7500ft,  600fpm around 8500-10000ft 13m45s to 3000m 10,000ft (9842) from sea level...

PF2 all up 165-170kg  26m Viper 3 was around 650-700fpm dropping down to 450-500fpm...  

I wont go into to much detail how I did achieve these Climb rates thats for you to work out.. ;-) 


On 31/01/2018 at 12:47, alan_k said:

The climb rate is primarily dependent on the wing you are using, extra thrust will increase the angle of attack which will not necessarily be best climb angle.

Climb rate depends on Everything!! wing, motor, and weather... More power will increase climb rate if the wing allows it... 


As for you going for 10,000-12,000m I don't mean to sound rude but have you worked out the height in Feet?  LOL.. Ramon's record was around 24,000ft if i remember..  

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