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Why are light weight wings being placed higher up the difficulty level?


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I just thought about lightweight and dynamics and i cant help but make a comment and ask for input...


In paragliders we generally say that increased wing loading=more dynamic wing and recovery.

Manufacturers, well ozone at least, place the lightweight versions of their wings higher in the difficulty category for said wingtype. This would indicate that the lightweight versions essentially are generally more difficult to fly. 

If the wing is lighter, the total flying weight is lighter...which i would have thought = lower wing loading and therefore less dynamic.

So if wing loading isnt what makes light weight gliders more difficult to fly and categorised higher, what is it?

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The weight of the wing is negligible for wing loading calculations. I would guess that if a lighter wing has a higher rating it would be something else in the design. For example, unsheathed lines. As for Ozone, where do you see that the lighter wings are more difficult? On their website, it looks like Roadster 2 and Spyder, which are essentially the same wing except for the lighter fabric, are the same difficulty level. The same is true with the Speedster 2 and Sirocco 2.

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