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Closest training centre to Bicester Oxfordshire

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Hi All

I have been thinking of learning to paramotor for years and determined to try this year!

I have a few questions for the forum

1)I am currently 18st and hope to lose some weight soon.(again been saying this for years too! :) ). I have seen that this is not overerweight if using a larger wing. Does it make learning harder if using a larger wing?

2)Any idea where the closest club is to Bicester Oxfordshire? Hopefully when trained I can fly from the local gliding centre across the road (Windrushers)

3) Any idea how much training costs and duration?

4) What is the approx cost of a full set of equipment?

Sorry to start with a few questions.

Many Thanks



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Hi Keith and welcome,

i am just down the road from you at finmere. I have been training with Simon at paramotortraining and it's been great! A bit of travel time involved but your a little closer.


training costs are around £1000 lasts as long as you need, I had my first flight around the 7th day of training. I have had 15 flights now but still like a trip up to membury for a chat, have a fly and pointers.

kit depends on new or 2nd hand and makes etc so hard to say best to get training and get advise from you instructor on which kit would best suit you.

good luck send me a message when you have had training and we can go for a fly locally.



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hi. i know a pilot. same weight as you.. he flys a paramotor and because he's big. he uses a tandem wing.and hes harness i think he had made for him..he did have xl which was too small. and for the engine a bit more power a evo engine.  because your big the wing will be big too.and its just practice and practice.youll be fitter because your using different muscles ... and while training there will be good days and there will be bad days.. but there's light at the end of the tunnel = your solo flight     a dream that came true     ;0)    the pilot that i know is rob = gentle giant with very good humour

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