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Standby :-) Bore chasers!!!

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Just waiting for a couple of people to confirm but standby dates for the first Bore Chasers: 2nd, 3rd, 4th, March. :-) 

I will confirm when the event page goes live so you can RSVP as normal. (this is becoming more important each event as we very very nearly (like 5 people) maxed out at the last one. 

Just a little bit of a heads up, but please don't book any time off until the event page goes live. 



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To all those who are coming to the first 2018 Bore chasers..... 

The beer / booking in / tent will be HEATED :-) And I mean heated!! We now have a large marque heater (suitable for one 4 times the size of ours)  :-):-):-):-) 

Not only will of course the fire pit be lit (please bring a couple of logs each )... but you will now have a warm room to warm your cockles :-) 



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Shame it's been cancelled as I was looking forward to at least popping in for a burger and a pint on Sunday.

However the weather is now awful with cold, wind and snow, so would have been impossible to run it.

When is the next bore? Hopefully a bit warmer.

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