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Like riding a bike?

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Hi folks, I'm lined up for Paramotor training this Summer. However I'm also moving house (I hope) so I can't really afford to run out and spend thousands on kit immediately afterwards.

So it looks like there may be a gap between training and buying kit/regular flying. Would I need to take refresher lessons or would I be okay to do a few motor-free glides and ground-handling etc after the break to refresh my skills, then fire up the motor and go for it?

Alternatively, do places rent kit so I could keep gaining experience while I wait for my finances to settle?

I live in Somerset, for what that's worth!



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Hi Simon, as the local training site/school, do you rent for the day for suitably qualified pilots to remain "current" between learning and buying kit? I'm not asking about a days lesson, I mean just turning up, signing a form for accidents/repairs, and then being able to do a few circuits of the field just to try and remain current and in practise.

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