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Hi everyone, 

I am another wannafly, I live up in Flensburg, Germany on the border to Denmark. I'm Australian but don't hold that against me ? I've lived in Germany since 2010. I have always loved flying and when I was younger wanted to be a pilot but never managed to fulfil that dream. I've done tandem flights with hang gliders (tourist type stuff) and in my 20's flew a lot in helicopters as crew.

I have been thinking about flying for the last few years again and thought about trying my hand at hang gliding. Unfortunately my location isn't great for that endeavour although I could do a course in Festerholt Denmark which is 2 hours away.

I recently stumbled across Paramotoring and it immediately struck a chord with me. I will have to travel to do a course but that's just the way it is, the black hole that Flensburg is means one must leave to find anything worthwhile doing. I'm not all that interested in doing acrobatics, I'm more the adventure fly and cruise kind of guy.

When I began my renewed interest in flying I was 126 kg... I know, I know... I really let myself go after the birth of my son a few years ago. I've dropped 16 kg already and am slowly but steadily on my way back to 100kg. It was good to read in another thread that 110kg isn't really an issue but nevertheless, for my own health, I am going for the tonne.

If anyone has any tips for flying in Germany please let me know and if there are any trainers that have a good rep. I have already found a fair few but wouldn't know who was good or not. 

I won't post much as I won't have much worthy to add until the wheels are in motion but thought an introduction would be polite. 

Have a great day ? 

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Hi Garth, and welcome to the Paramotor Club :-)

I am afraid that I can't help you with regards to recommended instructors in Germany and I am sure that you would have already found this link which will help. :-)


Please do keep us up to speed with your progress :-) 

Again, welcome. 


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