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Reserve Chute


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Could anyone tell me what the procedure is for throwing a reserve?

Even more interestingly, has anyone here ever needed to do it who could tell us what it is like to throw one whilst hurtling towards the ground at terminal velocity and where there wing was at the time?

I know we all hope we neverhave to use one, but others experiences might one day come in handy.

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Not thrown one myself, but it's something you should have discussed during any training. I was told to throw sharply downwards slightly in front of myself. Even if your wing has collapsed you'll likely still be somewhat vertical, although probably descending at some rate. You need to give the reserve the best chance to get some distance from yourself to open away from your motor and lines. Altitude is always your friend, the higher you are the more time you have to untangle your reserve. Also once your reserve is open it's important to pull your wing in towards you as quick as you can as both wing and reserve can act against each other. 

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