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Advice re purchase Ozone Spyder via Synth 2 sale/partEx


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I currently have 2 wings Airwave Logic (large) and a Dudek Synth 2 (29). Both wings were as new when I got them and I have not flown either of them -just ground handling and not much of that thanks to the weather/work combination. I think I want to keep the Logic but maybe sell/trade in the Synth and get a Spyder -for all the advertised reasons. I like to get my wings checked out every year by Aerofix and will be shortly sending the Synth away for inspection. I already did the Logic and it came back with no issues. My ideal scenario would be sell/partEx the synth and pay remainder on finance but not sure if thats possible -or who could facilitate that. Any advice welcome. Thanks.

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hi    ive read what you have to say. and without being rude. would you rather pay out for a new wing.. and just ground handle thats it.  then i ask myself if your not going to fly the wings. and just ground handle then buy used ground handle wings..   hmm how many air hours have you flying a paramotor.??     no mention at all about using the wings for flying ..

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