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Full throttle on idle


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Hi guys, I just fitted new tubes and filter  from the the carb down to the tank. I had no fuel in my tank and tired starting it up thinking it would take fuel from my 2nd tank but it didn't... As soon  as I ripped the pull start the engine started going full throttle and as it was on the ground it came hurtling towards me. Within 1/2 second I hit the kill switch and waited for my heartbeat to drop. My question is, what happened? If it didn't have fuel why would it start up?

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Do you mean that it was fully primed, so you were expecting it to start.....as opposed to you were not expecting it to start?

If it was supposed to start but you expected minimum throttle, then one of the following might have happened and is a great example of why only starting on your back is better.

1. Throttle held while starting or stuck and not fully closed.

2. When priming it is easy to push a considerable amount of fuel through the carb. If you have NOT flooded the plug, then sometimes it will fire up and because there is a pile of fuel on the engine side of the carb, you have little way of controlling it. It will do a big rev up. You might think it has gone to full throttle, but it hasn't really.



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