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Flying a trike in Ireland


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Hello, I will be traveling to Ireland in July of 2018 and am trying to find out the rules of flying a trike while I am there. I currently fly a Fresh Breeze, Bullix 4T with a Macpara Charger wing and have about 200 hrs in a trike and quad combined.  It would be a dream come true to be able to fly in Ireland while I am there. I am wondering if there is a school or another option that may be feasible to find a unit to fly while visiting. Wind dependent of course. I do have a PPG2 license and a current medical card. We are not required to have insurance in America so I currently do not have any. Any and all information is greatly appreciated. Thank you, Mark

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Welcome to the Paramotor Club :-) 

I think in the entire UK that there are only 1 or two Bullix trikes. There is one guy somewhere in Scotland who may see this post, and another who is down in Devon and will almost certainly not see this post. 

Regarding the law, the Bullix trike is also too heavy to fit into the 70KG max weight we are allowed in the UK (the main reason there are only a couple here I guess) 

Sorry if that's not what you wanted to hear. :-( 

If you wanted to foot launch, I am sure there will be more offers :-)



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