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EOS 150

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Another update:


We are getting new piston/jug upgrade kit to modify this engine up to a 2019 version ICI motor.  Not sure what changed about the coil but they are sending us a new one as well to install included in the kit.  I've asked for more details on the coil but if anyone knows please chime in.  I'm guessing it may incorporate a Capacitor Discharge type ignition like on my jetskis. 

No word on the reeds yet either. 

Here's a link to the mod....


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I know what changes were made to the coil and why. 

‘The old system was sometimes getting an inter TDC spark/s causing loss of power and heat problems on a small number of motors.

‘A simple part design change fixed it. 

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Ok, thanks for chiming in,  do ya know what change was made?


I'm on (EOS Engine) FB page and in a PM they said it was an "Ignition timing curve difference "


That sounds more elaborate than a simple timing adjustment by a slotted advancement on a stator plate....That sounds like a New part to me.


Just wondering.



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I know this lil motor was off the charts on heat.  I recorded a peak of 465F on the first flight where I had a temp sensor (chinese special)probe under the spark plug. It lasted that one and only flight because it got cooked.  I then manufactured another temp sensor out of some Alumel/Chromel pins (I work in aviation) that I acquired....That held up for 3 flights before it cooked them too.....I saw 509F b4 it cooked that homemade sensor. 

Now we ran this motor quite rich mind you.  So the heat was In my opinion, was mostly due to build up under that stupid cooling/overheating shroud....that you can clearly see they decided to do away with.

I was on my third thermocouple adaptation when the motor quit.  I had purchased a spare thermocouple from Fluke to use in my Model 16 Fluke Multimeter that I fastened to the risers.  I was done using the rinky dink all in one tiny tach/hourmeter/temp gauge....I was going big.  Fluke meter big.

Well I only got one flight with the fluke meter set up and was going for a second flight where I was gonna finally get some good readings where I could watch the meter (constantly) and not have to worry about flying into anything (Cameron)...Then the motor ate itself.  So no readings more than what I had previously recorded and already knew.  No further info, per se.


But yeah, this motor was a hot lil some bitch from what I gathered trapped under all that Carbonfiber....





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Update, Motor is back together and running.  Doing break in cycles now.  One more ground run break in cycle left to go then I can start flying it again.  Doing same as before.  32:1 premix.  Gonna run that for the first 6 hours then going to 50:1.

Motor has new head, piston, cylinder, and new coil installed.  Couldn't make out any real changes other than the one mounting foot on the coil was shortened on one side.  Not sure the reasoning behind this.  Maybe they thought chopping off a piece of the foot would allow easier removal without having to remove the flywheel??  That's not the case though, because you still must remove the flywheel to get it off and on.  SO there's that.  Both coils had stamped in Plastic "Mod 150."  Being in aviation we often stamp components with a modification letter A,B,C....and so on so this confused me at first thinking they are just rehashing the same old coil....but the more I think about it 150 is probably designated for the model of engine it was designed for.  So other than manufacture dates in print on the coil, the part numbers were also identical.

On a different note....

They did send a completely new reed cage preassembled with the ss backing plates on the reeds.  I elected to set that assembly aside for spare parts.

They did not address the root cause of the problem.  And I've already removed the ss plates from my original reed cage.  So we are running the original reeds, which look fine....motor runs fine, exactly the same even....minus the ss plates.  I don't feel safe flying this thing with those ticking time bombs in there just waiting to let go and frag my motor again.  We do a lot of open marsh flying down here....

As a matter of fact we had actually just done a 12 mile mini cross country from Lydia to Cypremort Point which took us over open bay and plenty of Alligator infested Marshland, JUST the WEEKEND before, yes, TWO flights before....the motor cratered itself.  How lucky right?

So yeah, they didn't address the reed cage problem.....and I'm not running those reed backings.  Done deal.


More to come.  Stay tuned I'll keep y'all posted.


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