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Reserves. Have and have nots


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Hi Flyhound

Have ✅ 

You'd be foolish not to. 

My reserve wing loading is less than the wing I fly -  when the shit hits the fan you'll be glad you've got one. 

✅ Have a reserve. Know how to fit it and how and when to use it. 

I just bumble about - I ain't no acro pilot  




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I was taught why to have one, when to use one and how to use it. I have one and I look after it. I still put my hand to the handle in flight to always remind me exactly where it is (side mount).

I see many who do not use them. There is talk about how no one knows of someone needing to use one, when when they were only doing "pottering about the sky". It is always acro pilots or pilots pushing the envelope.

That may well be the case, but having been taught about it, I will use one. :)

ps. When I upgraded to Nitro 200 I also got a Gin Yeti Light.

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Cheapest life insurance there is. Fucking stupid to not have one. A bird strike can take you down and you are dead without it, and no you can't avoid bird strikes. There is even videos of birds that are attacking paragliders and ultralights, and there is absolutely nothing a pilot can do about it.

There you have a reason that almost no one mention, even if there is lots of youtube videos where the reserve saved pilots after hitting birds.

The biggest problem is that most pilots only have one reserve, throw it accidentally into the glider and it might be the last thing you ever do.

If we always needed to use one, do you think this sport would even exist? It's not just for acro, it's for every pilot out there, sailplane, hang gliders, balloon pilots etc.

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Some reserves can open as fast as two seconds (about the time it takes for the lines to get stretched if you throw it hard, if you throw it in a perfect direction it's basically instant), if you are low and have a problem, throw it fast! It can be fully deployed and save you even if you are just 30 feet up. And even a 10 feet fall can kill you if you are unlucky, or break your spine. There are lots of pilots who have crashed with collapses and died when they tried to get the wings flying instead of just throwing the reserve. There is never a situation when you can excuse yourself for not having a reserve with you. I know lots of pilots are arguing about it, but seriously??? is it that hard to understand that a reserve will most likely save you, and crashing without throwing one will most likely kill you?

Just google "paraglider" and look at the global news section, this is where the news articles tagged with the word "paraglider" shows up, won't take long until you find the word "died" next to it. Latest was yesterday. Don't take any unnecessary risk, it's dangerous as it is, even if you have safety equipment.



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In an emergency situation - when your life is depending on it - having as much fabric above your head (whether fully deployed or just partial) can save your life. 

A partially deployed reserve may slow down your descent enough for your cage to take the impact and save you from death or life changing injuries. 

The next time you fly imagine one of your risers failing due to missing stitches during manufacture.  Its happened on new wings in other sports. 

What would you do ? 




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When gliding, we were told that very few bailouts below 2,000 feet were ⁴successful.  In paramotoring, I am told that you could even be lucky at 3 or 4 hundred feet.  How many might freeze though before they can deploy it? Do you have the strength to deploy in in a high G force situation, etc?

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