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Connnor's Paramotor accident video at Membury.

admin (Simon W)

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All, here is the video of Connors accident. I had the chance to ask him today if it was OK to share it. Please be considerate when posting in response to this video. 'Constructive' advice is welcome. Connor is well aware that pilot error here was the cause so has been punished enough for that with his injuries. 

He is recovering very well and has a very positive spirit! :-)



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That was pretty tough to watching, Amazing he survived and great news it sounds like he will make a full recovery.  

Can I ask what wing or specifically what wing  loading.  Having flown PG for quite some time and have completed an SIV,  I was shocked to see how the wing started to rotate after the initial asymmetric collapse, the collapse seemed rather small and to be fair the wing seemed to level out as I would expect for something that small, before going in to an autorotation.  (Did the pilot fall into the collapsed side or brake on the deflated side?)   

Being new to using a motor and reflex wing I would like to know if this reaction is more likely on these wings than a normal free flying wing.  In SIV I pulled a full asymmetric and full weight shift into the collapsed side and only managed an autorotation 1 out of 3 or 4 attempts).  I know the wing loading is much higher on these motor wings, still can’t get over I fly a smaller wing size with my motor than I do my free flying.  





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I don't know how much G force he was pulling Pedwarpimp, but I suppose a momentary loss of conciousness could have occurred?.  

Could have been low hours on that type of wing?

I'm sure that data on wing loading will be provided in due course.

But whatever caused the collapse, there was insufficient alritude to recover and surely that must be the over-riding lesson.

The most important thing is that Connor survived and his recovery.  Luckily he is young and fit and this will help.

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Dynamic collapse with unforgiving altitude. It fits the description in the synth 2 manual, very quick and spontaneous re-inflation... but just a bit to close to the ground.

Quick entry into a 360 spiral with power (fun), then off the throttle, hands up and then what looks like a forced exit with counter steering on left side.
The engine rev up on the surge after the quick exit together with too much exit speed, so that would be the biggest pilot error in this situation, even if it's just a short push on the throttle. Then we have the left turn that unloads the side even more after exit, and collapse, if this also was counter torque, then it would be even worse. Hard left break pump after the collapse might have saved the situation with a close call, but probably not with the lack of altitude.

Easy mistake when exiting maneuvers with high speed. Only assist exit if needed, don't force it. This is often described in manuals and on acro pages. Watch spiral dive exit videos on youtube to learn more and be a safer pilot. This is also a possible outcome when the timing and exit on wing-overs and asymmetrical spirals are wrong. Also mentioned in the synth 2 manual btw. As you see in the video it has to be done correct on low altitude since it's very unforgiving if done wrong. Simply don't do it if your not already very familiar with acro.
Even if you are uninterested in acro flying, anyone will still benefit to read about it to get a solid understanding of the typical behavior a paraglider have in these situations.

Thanks for sharing, and hope you recover well Connor, not many gets a second chance.

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Hi Connor,

Hang on in there and every best wish for a full and speedy recovery.

Thank you for having the grace to share the video of your accident; post accident analysis is so helpful for other pilots who can go through the 'what would I do if this happened to me?' consideration.  Life is too short to make every mistake yourself so it really helps to learn from others.

Best wishes


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