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GPS - which one?


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Thanks for that, I really appreciate it. I have been looking at Garmin but the different product codes and choice had phased me, I wanted to go for the latest version but couldn't work out which that was!!!


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I bought a Garmin 60csx while I was out in the States last week (much cheaper that the UK as you'd expect) and I took it out free-flying yesterday at the Tinto site in South Scotland. It performed really well recording my locations from car park to final landing and giving what I believe to be good climb/sink, altitude and speed readings through each flight.

When I got home I easily transferred the data to my PC using MapSource which comes with the Garmin and with much anticipation clicked the view on Google Earth option. Everything launched fine and my route was displayed in detail but unfortunately the whole thing was shown at ground level. My next steps wll be to source a full UK Topographic map so I can also see exactly where I am in flight, and to find out why the Google Earth transfer didn't quite work out.

If anyone has any tips on either of these, please let me know.

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