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Adam J Edgar paragliding Sydney Northern Beaches

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Hi guys, whilst not a paramotoring image...it is a place i paramotor regularly. Anyone considering coming down under to Sydney should always make sure they bring a wing with them. Its a great place to fly!

Paramotor launch is in the dog park right next to the tennis courts, about 400m to the west of Long Reef.


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On 12/13/2017 at 08:30, adamjedgar said:

I should have also pointed out, those high rise buildings one can see in the distance are the Sydney City. International Airport is just beyond that (all up about 35km as the crow flies)...so its not a long drive to this lovely flying spot!

Hi Adam, Maybe I could join you one day soon..

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Nice one.

I'm about to release the details soon on a new club that's been under construction for the last month or so that should come in very handy for Sydney.

I know I'm a novice but it was part of a greater plan, so once it did my course, I found an airfield, I then started ringing pilots pretty much from the phone book, gained interest and here we are.

I lodged the relevant documents yesterday with the DFT, so as soon as it's rubber stamped we are going public.

On 2/4/2018 at 23:37, adamjedgar said:

Sure that would be great. 


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