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Radio Licence

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Hi All,

could someone please explain what the qualification is that you need to operate an air-band radio legally. I understand that it's a fairly simple process that takes about 1 day and then lasts for life. Where do they they run the courses, and how much does it cost?

Anyone else interested in getting one?

Regards to all.


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You need to book in with your regional examiner and do a short course followed by a practical exam. The examiners have the kit (2XPCs) plus headsets and software to conduct practical training followed by the test. I am researching this at the moment to see if I can become an examiner. The country is cut up into 'territories' and they (CAA) don't overpopulate each region with examiners intentionally; getting approval is not straightforward.

A good plan would be to talk to your local flying club, they need RT examiners to test their fledglings.

CAP 413 is what you want to prepare, find it here.

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HI Ken

Here is a link to Radiotelephony manual. Very extensive tho


The course consists of three 2 hour sessions both written and practicle.

List of examiners. Give the one near you a call and ask. http://www.caa.co.uk/docs/33/RTF_Examiners%20Mar-08.pdf

Thinking of doing it myself before the tip to tip but have a university level 3 essay to complete before then. There is a lot to learn I think. If you find out any more pleae let me know.

Regards Whitters.

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