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Hi All,

currently fly in Spain for 4months each year in Andalusia, Spain. I am a member of "Club Deportivo de Paramotor Cordoba  Vuela". Membership costs me €138.33 for membership from May to end of this year giving me €600,000 3rd party cover. I realise this is expensive compared with AXA costs but it covers me for flying specifically in Spain and worldwide for not only insurance but "Club membership". This is a requirement in  Spain.  It needs to be renewed in January.

The rules are different to the UK. BHPA membership counts for nothing and "Fly Spain" gives you no rights abroad at all. BHPA membership is totally irreverent. I regularly fly with Spanish pilots and their opinion is that "Fly Spain" is an absolute joke and a waste of money. It is just a flying experience), no more than that. The notion of a 2 mile radius to fly from base is looked on as being ridiculous by Spanish flyers.

I can fly anywhere in Spain without the worry of detention, confiscation of equipment and a very large fine simply for this membership.

If one wants to learn to fly a Paramotor then the UK is a total waste of time. 

The requirement in Spain is that to learn to fly a Paramotor in Spain you must become a member of a recognised club.

I learned to fly in Andalusia and can fly every day safely, normally from 0700 hrs until 10.00 hrs daily and from 17.00 hrs until sunset usually about 20.45hrs in the Summer daily and earlier and later/earlier with a strobe. The reason I give those times is because between 10.00hrs and 17.00 hrs there is so much thermal activity that it could be suicidal.

The cost to was €500.00 and covered flying for about 8 intensive lessons. This is still ongoing and the flyers down there are brilliant and close friends. This doesn't happen in the UK because the weather is crap. 

Where could you fly a cross country covering 90kms over two and a half hours in the UK? You couldn't...

I go down to Andalusia about 4 times a year for a month each time and can't wait until mid January when I go again.

I would mention at this point that most of my life has been dictated by the addiction to fly(heard that before) and I started in my 20's flying Cessna's, moving to Hang-gliders, being a founder member of the "British Hang Gliding Association(Member 19) and from then to Microlights to date entering the world of Paramotors.

This has now become my latest and enduring flying love affair which I hope will take me to the end but whilst I am able I will continue.

If any forum member wants details of what is available then contact me and I will provide details of how to fly safely and legally in Spain.


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I live in Andalusia 6 months of the year, near Estepona. Nearest 'club' is FlySpain who frequent Lake Bornos.

I would be interested to know where you get your rules for Spain from. I have exchanged numerous emails with the writers of Spanish air-law and so far they have only produced legislation that EXCLUDES foot launched flying machines! ie NOT covered by the air-law.

Local experience suggests that the police also don't know the rules. They will often ask 2 questions a) Have you got insurance and b) have you got the landowners permission. Neither of these seem to be in any rules (unless someone can find one). Since you cannot argue with police it is best to have insurance and permission, then there is no 'argument' or confiscation of kit until they find they are wrong!

I had police waiting for me when I landed a while back. They just wanted to have a chat about paramotoring. :)


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Is this a serious post?

I'm really sorry,.. and I'm really  hoping you didn't mean to come across this way in your post, but a Harry Enfield character sprung to mind "I am considerably richer than yo" :lol:

I really don't think UK flyers need the favourable Spanish flying conditions rubbed in their faces.

"If one wants to learn to fly a Paramotor then the UK is a total waste of time" and " the flyers down there are brilliant and close friends. This doesn't happen in the UK because the weather is crap."  Really??? I think a few on this forum might disagree on both these points.

Apart from the Spanish federations and your Cordoba buddies insistance that their club rules are in fact the law, do you have any other evidence to back up your claims about flying a PPG in Spain. I'm assuming you can provide a link to the legislation you're referring to: "you must become a member of a recognised club"

.....or are you just trolling? ....and I'm stupid enough to rise to your provocative post. Hmm, I think maybe.


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