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Time taken to recover


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I've had my foot fixed 17 days ago. I damaged it twice, once full dislocation and second time broke end of tib/fib (neither done flying!!!!). Sat here unable to use foot for 3 weeks, I am going stir crazy. I had bits of broken bone removed, micro-fracture of Talus and tibia joint to encourage healing of cartalidge with holes in it, removal of bone growth that was preventing ankle moving and a repair pin. 

Been doing loads of 'own' physio and my ankle does now move - a lot compared to before, but still less than a third of the range of my other foot. I can also walk on it when doc and physio not looking.

I had this done 2 Nov with a view to being able to go back to flying early Jan. 

What's the experience of my fellow broken/dislocated foot guys? Am I being too keen?

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You have my full sympathy Andy.

Not quite the same by a long shot, but I had a very bad sprain which caused massive swelling. After more than a year of being told to take it easy, but still struggling with pain, I started hill running again, and within no time it had improved. Within weeks I was back full swing. The standard medical advice needs to be tinkered with sometimes, to see whether natural movement is a better option.

Interestingly, despite hobbling around in pain, my Hanwag flying boots gave me enough support and allowed me to carry on flying throughout - they were amazing. 


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