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Flying Alone


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How many prefer to fly alone, with a group or just with a mate?  

I was just thinking about recovery after a mishap.  Presumably you woyld tell someone where you were going or what you were doing.

I've also heard that you can buy tiny battery operated GPS trackers which would allow you to be located if you did not get home.

Anyone have any thoughts on the subject?

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I have flown alone since I finished my training 3 yrs ago! I am the only PPG guy around for over a hundred miles in any direction. I don't really have any choice. But I always let people know the general area I will be flying in and what time I expect to be home. I do not do any point to point trips...


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I don't have a preference either way. I like to mix it up... there's definitely something special about a bumble on your own, but there is equally something cool about being able to share the experience with a friend(s). I'd guess at about 70% of my flights being solo - only because its easier to be spontaneous when alone (i.e. slip out from work).

When I fly on my own I try to make sure I have a decent bit of cash and a charged phone at the very least. If you live where other people are scarce and phone signals are iffy I'd definitely be thinking about some other form of communication backup.

I also always let the Mrs know roughly what the plan is, the wind direction, and I always text her when I land... so someone is aware of what I'm up to.

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