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Low Budget Carbon Propellers


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Searching on the web I've found some propeller brands that offer carbon propellers for about 200 euros


AIR KING: http://www.airkingpropellers.com/details/black-cabon-fiber-propellers-2-blades-ref-AK-54-F,144.html

KD PROPELLER: https://www.ebay.com/itm/propeller-for-paramotor-Motor-Sky-110-125CM-Right-Rotation/272898103211?hash=item3f89fe97ab:g:apQAAOSw8HBZIrBY

DT PROPELLER: (WOOD 99 EURO, CARBON 190 EURO): http://dtpropeller.com/en/delivery-and-payment

HIFLY: http://it.paraprices.com/categoria/eliche-carbon.html (old website updated to 2013)

Have you some feedbacks on these brands? Never Flew with these propellers?

I want to buy a carbon one for my SKY110s...

thanks :)

David from Italy

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We have had a few HiFly propellers on a few different engines and they are good for the price and produce plenty of thrust.  I did buy a cheap carbon prop from some source but can not remember who I bought it from as it was a spare so I did not use it for a year. When I used it the prop caused vibration, it balanced on a static balancer and both blades weighed the same but the centre of balance of the blades was one inch further out on one blade than the other. I suspect one had more resin nearer the tip. It was near impossible to get it balanced properly. You pay for what you get

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