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James Troup

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Hi all,

So newbie here... this Paramotor thing has been on my mind quite a lot recently. I blame all those awesome YouTube videos! It seems I'm getting closer to taking the plunge on some training. In the mean time, I've been thinking about the kit that's involved, suitable wings to train on, how much power do I need etc.

But what about the other bits n pieces? What items do you feel are essential to this sport? Obviously a Helmet. What gloves do you have or can recommend? Fuel cans? Things like that. It'd be interest to hear your ramblings too on what you could not do without.



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The cost comes from the air charts updated daily. (By NATS) 

Each paper chart, costs around £25 (of which there are 6 to cover the UK) The paper charts are out of date the day you buy them. 

The free / cheep apps that pretend to offer the same, use open source data (the same as we had on this site until I noticed quite a few things wrong and removed it for liability reasons) and should not be relied upon for aviation navigation by any serious pilot. 




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I think I pay £40 a year for my RunwayHD subscription using the PARAMOTORCLUB discount code and it is totally worth it. Not only does it show you airspace, NOTAMS and other POIs, but the planning and navigation/waypoint function is priceless. Oh, and it logs all your flights in 3D GPS so you can view them on Google Earth. My only criticism is it’s only available on iOS. I have put an anti-glare filter on my iPhone 5S and it is daylight readable, but it would be amazing if you could get this app on a GPS-enabled Kobo eReader. 

In summary, I have tried most of the in-Flight apps out there and RunwayHD just does everything you need it to.

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