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Thoughts on safety of Paratech P81 (2009) wing?


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Hi all,

I'm a beginner, in the process of doing PPG training and wanted to get everyone's thoughts on the safety of the mentioned wing for someone out after training.

I have managed to acquire a Paratech P81 (L) wing with a Parajet paramotor I bought. The wing is from 2009 and EN-C / LTF-2 rated. My instructor hasn't had any contact with Paratech, so any opinions for this wing would be hugely appreciated. Now I roughly know how the ratings work and that it's not suitable for training, but if I was cautiously taught to fly on this wing by my instructor, would it be safe to start flying on by myself after all training is completed?

Additional resources:





Many thanks,


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No, it would not be safe. That doesn't mean you will crash, but if you would get in a situation where you need to recover, you most likely won't recognise what you must do. No opinion on the specific wing, but the classification is there for a reason. In this case rated C on asymmetric front collapse behavior.

And you should read this link http://www.dhv.de/db1/source/technictestreport2.php?item=-1175&lang=en

Not the one you posted, this is for size L, not XS. Big diffrence.

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