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Windsock poles and frozen ground?

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Hi all,

I made a flag pole stand from heavy wall PVC pipe in the shape of an H. Breaks down into three short sections and just sits on the ground....will not tip over even in 12mph+ winds with 17ft tall telescoping windsock pole. I will forward a photo. Cost about $20 to make with the PVC pipe and connectors.



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I tape an extending fishing rod (less than €10 from Decathalon) to a temporary fencing stake.  They are very cheap, especially when nicked from wife, but could be bought at agricultural stores.  To get them into the ground you can either stand on them, or bash them with a hammer.



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No, I'm not using it upside down.  It's just a different pattern of fencing stake, I didn't realise that they were different in the UK.  You can get 10 for €20 here https://agrifournitures.fr/piquets-metal/312-piquet-de-fer-avec-isolateur-queue-de-cochon-gallagher-10-unites.html

Or get a local blacksmith to make you one.

Or you could use these ones.  https://www.ebay.co.uk/p/4ft-Plastic-Fencing-Stake-Event-Horse-Paddock-Poles-Safety-Mesh-Post-5-Colours-Orange-10/1612685505?iid=221347002730

but they are not as robust in my experience.

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I stole this idea from a German paramotoring friend of mine. It simply(fy) consists of a window sucker available from any large DIY store (B&Q). It sucks onto any flat surface, I use the side of my van-and some moisture. yuck.

Just cut one end of the sucker off  flush-dont cut it in half as it will be too short-  and then make a disc to slide over the end of the pole and glue into place. Make sure on the amount of pole that sits in the tube as it can't be too long .

I had to drop 2 sections off my pole (ooer missus) as these two sections were too fat to fit into the tube but, this loss of height is almost compensated for by mounting it as high as possible on your car or W.H.Y.  



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