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Inccoming first post.

I've got an apco lift M and now looking to buy my motor. I've been advised that the moster 185 classic or plus is the BEST out there. Now I know that's largely based on opinion but when I scout forums I can't really find anyone going against it. 

I'm looking to buy second hand and feel like I'm missing out on some bargains due to staying away from other engines, can anyone offer any advice on what else to keep an eye out for? 


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The Moster seems to be the `default` engine choice these days but it doesn`t have to be.

It`s a poky unit but i for one don`t necessarily need all the power - although it`s nice to have making take-offs easy, low-level shenanigans safe and climb rates high.

Knowing what i do now and the type of flying i have settled on i would of gone for a smaller, more frugal engine to extend flight times and improve economy - the Moster isn`t known for it`s frugality..

I`ve got a Bulldog Moster i would of been perfectly fine with the Evo 100 option i think - the last time i saw Clive Bunce (he makes the Bulldogs) he was flying an Evo 100 at 90Kg+ on a Nuc which was a perfectly flyable combination for him, so the larger engines aren`t always the way to go even thought it seems to be the popular way to go - it depends on what type of flying you`re intending to do i guess.

I was about 90kg when i bought mine so i was advised to get the Moster, i`m well over 10kg lighter now so need the power even less. I`m not changing now though...

Having said that though, the Moster would be the safe option being a well-proven engine with plenty of pilot feedback, you`ll not go wrong at your weight, and the 4.5 - 5L/hr consumption is fine for most folk and their flying endurance i would think. Like all engines though they do have their `foibles` and known reliability issues, no engine is perfectly reliable - check out the Faceache group.

I`m not experienced enough to give advice on any other engine option though, sorry.

Have you got the Lift EZ?



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My advice for motoring is a simple equation...i weigh 70kgs.

Wing ...good efficient not too heavily loaded wing (mine is a 25mtr dudek universal)

Motor...the lightest, most reliable, most powerful available. I did well for the last two...but lucked out on the first...simo mini 2 plus...reliable and grunty as hell...does tend to also make a certain pilot grunt like hell picking it up though!


Having a lot of extra power has saved me a few times...more is definately better than less!


Btw i need to adthis...4.5 to 5ltr per hour fuel economy is nothing short of absolutely woeful...i easily maintain 2.5-3ltr per hour on the simo 200. If your engine is blowing 5ltr per hour you are clearly propped wrong, or on the wrong wing. 

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