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new Adventure Primus Paramotor


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Any toughts on the new Primus ?




comes with

. 8.1 (80cc) 14hp from 51.7lbs
. TIGER (160cc) 22hp from 59.1 lbs
. EOLE (135cc) 24hp from 60.2 lbs 

Concentrated technology at a compacted price
A full range for every pilot from € 4’160 to € 4’990*

2 kg lighter than our previous model with mobile swing arms and with a centre of gravity reminiscent of the Pluma much closer to the pilot, making it more comfortable on the ground.

The foot of the chassis and all the propellers are in carbon as standard. The comfort tubes eliminate vibrations and guarantee an optimal propeller alignment and cohesion between the harness and the chassis.

With exclusive Adventure "3D system",
the lateral swing arm bars movement can be locked or unlocked.
Locked position: Comfort Mode, recommended for novice pilots.
Unlocked position: Dynamic Sport Mode for more dynamic piloting, which allows for active piloting with the harness, enabling the true potential of the paramotoring wing.








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My first thoughts was that the main chassis is made of steel. Thus a bit heavier, but on the other hand much stronger than aluminium.
I don't understand the design with the strange foot rest under the fuel tank along with the extra steel tubing on the fuel tank sides. too me it looks like some bad design choices where they complicate things.

About the same price as Parajet Maverick. With chassis like the Maverick, air conception and lots of others you can use sup'air, dudek and apco harnesses along with the standard harness. So it's easy to upgrade in case you want something else like say a split leg harness.

No, not impressed by this one. To me it looks like Adventure lost a bit of it's originality and made a chassi that looks more like what other brands had for years.
There is definitely a handful of units in the same price range that I would be much more interested in. I don't see any benefit with this one to be honest, enlighten me if you think differ.

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I actually don't know. My PPG school only supports Adventure and they don't like other brands flying there. so i'm kinda forced to buy adventure..

The thing with adventure is that they just launched their latest models but without any marketing or demonstration video's. 

(some bad quality pictures a 2 line sales pitch and thats about it)

so its very difficult to see what they really have to offer. 


So what i know about this Primus model 

26Kg dry weight (less with titanium exhaust)

eole 135 motor (any good?)

any toughts on the 3D bars system ?

no info on torque compensation.

electric starter

25hp 75 thrust


posibility to upgrade to a higher model (by just paying the price difference)

the pluma is full carbon and 21Kgs dry weight(but dont really like the carbon arms)







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I have training set up in just a few weeks.  I purchased a Mac Para Charger 25M wing and an Adventure Plumas with a Moster 185 engine.  Have the wing and love it, I haven't seen the motor yet.  I will post a review of it all after I've had it a few months and get acquainted with it.

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