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StuFly Published For Garmin Fenix 3 / 3HR

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I've updated the app I first built a year or more ago with some new features and finally got around to publishing it on the app store.


Instructions and tutorial video on there, as well as ability to download the app for your phone - though easier to just look it up on the Connect IQ Store through your Garmin Connect app on your android/ios phone.

Hope some of you find it useful

At this time - Fenix 5 models not supported - sorry. I may get around to adding support if I can be arsed.




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I´ve been using Flying for my Vivioactive 3 and would like to try Stufly but unfortunatly seems it wont let me try it on the Vivioactive :(

Oh well my loss, I have to say the app on watch is way more useful than I expected mostly as I can take teh Garmin data and add it to the Garmin video editing app for overlay. That said teh Garmin video editor is super slow but still a nice option.


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Hmm.. I'll have another look guys and see if possible.

When I started the app (4 years ago now) there only was the Fenix 3.

It's not helped by the garmin SDKs being abysmal, so trying to get things working is a nightmare.

plus as I've only got a Fenix 3, anything else I add, has only been tested on the simulator software - and I'm not sure how reliable that is.

but it does appear that there are tons of very similar garmin watches out now


So I'll have a look and see if it can run on any others. the main thing is the SDK version and the screen dimensions have to match exactly the fenix 3 of fenix 5.

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Ok, so app is updated.

It might take a few days before it makes it into the app store so just keep checking.

For the original app I've added the D2 Bravo, and for the 5* version of the app I've added everything that was compatible - which included the 935.

StuFly Fenix 5,935,D2 Edition Paramotoring App:

Compatible Devices: D2™ Charlie, Descent™ Mk1, Forerunner® 935, fēnix® 5, fēnix® 5 Plus, fēnix® 5S Plus, fēnix® 5X, fēnix® 5X Plus

StuFly - Paramotoring App:

Compatible Devices: D2™ Bravo, D2™ Bravo Titanium, fēnix® 3, fēnix® 3 HR

Let me know how you get on. note though that you might have limited success testing on the ground - as it detects takeoff and starts doing stuff based on altitude difference so you might struggle to get that to work unless you drive up a hill or something.

And sorry - tried adding vivo active but it's not compatible for some internal sdk reasons. :-(

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Also just a note that the fenix 3 version is same as fenix 5 one. The watches are pretty much identical features wise.

And u can get a fenix 3 for 200 quid on amazon. Whereas a 5 is 350.

Im not suggesting people get a smartwatch just to run stufly but if you were looking for a cheapish smartwatch the fenix 3 is great. Mine is 4 years old and still fine. Battery lasts weeks.


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I've enabled everything that can technically be enabled. 


the fenix 3 has gps and altimeter.

really, frankly there is very little changed from the 3 to the now 6 (released a week ago) other than heart beat stuff.

hence my point that IF you fancy getting a great flying instrument, even if you just use the inbuilt stuff and not my app, or chose to pay for the french utter rip off copy of my free stufly all that is on garmin app store - 200 quid for new stock garmin 3 is a bargain imho.

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