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Speed systems

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On the subject of setting up a speed system.....

suppose you are on full speed bar and you do get a collapse.... not really a problem as most wings will pop straight back out again...but

if you collapse on full speed bar and the bar comes off your feet and swings below you then the wing reinflates you may find the bar is tucked under your harness somewhere and applying some tension to the speed system. Not a happy prosition to be in. Worse it may interfere with the prop.

PG harnesses route the speed system in such a way as to minimise this risk but many ppg harnesses need to be looked at carefully to see if this is a possibility. Sometrimes it is necessary to include some elasticated string to return the bar to "neutral" in this situation.

Just a thought

You can check your system on the ground with a friend holding the risers up and you push out the bar to its limit then swing it back under the harness. How far back will it go and what can it snag on?

Two running eye at the very front of the seat board are usually enough to keep the bar in the right place but not always.

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