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Is "too" much cc Bad?


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Thrust does not equal power. Thrust depends on prop diameter/pitch to use the power. 

Nitro 200:

72 kg with 125 cm prop, 74 kg with 130 cm,  80 kg with bigger xl version.

Thor 130: 57 kg with 115 cm,  60 kg with 125 cm and 65 kg with 130 cm.

So I guess if you are comparing the biggest thrust version of the 130 with the smallest thrust version of the Nitro 200, then they are close. Worth bearing in mind that the higher the thrust, the more the engine is loaded and hence the higher it is stressed. 


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I would also opt for the 200 nitro over the 130cc. The power delivery on the nitro allows you to fly lower down the rpm range. The 130 works well for pilots over 80kg as there is a power band in the rpm range and its nicer to sit on and above the power band not below it. The nitro power band is hard to find and the engine is happy to run above or below.

the polini 130 is 15kg engine with a little less power.

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