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a (short) flight at last!


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At last got into the air today after waiting 5 months! Very short flight around the field as it was not particulary pleasant but at least I have now flown my new wing and it seemed to behave itself very well as I was getting chucked about a bit! My motor seemed to be running well- so roll on the good weather.

Any other Cheshire pilots been up and about??

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Alright guys,

Mags I went down to Astley last night. I tried on the motor which I think you did your training with. Wow that thing felt heavy I could hardly stand up even with a helping hand. Hoping to get out a bit with these longer evenings, might go down tonight on the way back from work.

I think those raised banks at the side of the field do something funny with the wind. I was stood at the van and a windsock in the field was pointing in the opposite direction to what I was feeling in my position. When I ground handled near the corner (where you were in your vid) it was hard to keep the wing above my head without constant adjustment so I think there is some swirling going on in that corner in a SWesterly which it has been both times I've been down. Anyway, just an observation, think I'll go further into the field next time.

Hope everyone's well, roll on some good weather.

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Very important observation there!

Seeing a windsock disagreeing with your cheeks is a wakeup call. Well spotted.

Any obstruction upwind needs careful examination. Ideal tool is your windsock on a long pole. Or streamers on a pole. spend time walking all round to see if the wind swirls not just at ground level but at wing level too .

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love too.......

unfortuntely, I have family commitments this weekend over in N Yorks. if you fancy another quick evening flight on Friday evening if the weather is OK that would be good? let me know? I have a free bank holiday weekend but the weather is bound to be crap!!!!

Arcus- yep that is quite a heavy motor! you are welcome to strap my black hawk on your back to feel the difference probably not that much lighter but far more comfortable. Let's see if we can all get together soon?


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Well l I did go down on my way back from work and Paul was there, very friendly and helpful as ever. He test flew my Arcus on the motor which was nice and reassuring to see, thanks Paul.

Then it was forward and reverse launching practice with the motor on with the high hang points which feels wierd to a free flyer then 10 minutes sat down trying to prevent a coronary incident. Anyway all launching practice went well so next step is to go airborne. Hopefully will get down there again soon. Will try to upload some photos of today.

Yours a bit nervously,

Matt (Arcus).

Edit: Photos successfully uploaded after lots of resizing from the original pics taken with my new 500 terapixel camera.

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good to talk to you the other day- pity about the weather, however early indications look like we will have a good weekend for flying. i am going over to Astley on Saturday (welcome to come down if you want to have a fly from somewhere new) but if you fancy a fly from yours on Sunday it would be good?

Matt will you be going down to Astley on Saturday?

Spoken to another pilot who flys from Congleton so hope we may be able to fly from there in the near future.


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