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Gear Box Problem? Strange Sound.


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Hi there, 

I have a question to the ones who are familiar with gear box / reduction box. 

Here is a link showing you a brand new gear box from HE Paramotores. (HE R125). Before I put it on the motor i was moving it a bit and heard a "klick" each round. 
How does this sound to you guys? Would think that this is o.k.? 

(hope video plays straight away) 

I would be very glad to get some insights from the technicians among you. 


Kind regards





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3 minutes ago, andyy said:

have you tried turning the pulley rather than the unit?

it clicks top end and bottom could it be a valve to stop oil running out when upside down? 



thank you for reply / help. Here is my "old" gear box. 


As you can hear - no "click-clack"


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I asked HE. They said, that everything is o.k. But to be honest: i doubt this. The first gear box broke after 45 hours. No warranty, no discount for the new one. 
What happened? The case has a crack as you can see on the picture. I am e bit frustrated. As I am new In this field I try to get as much feedback as possible. 


So again. Thanx for your help... 





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I could take it into bits. BUT now, as it is new, I have 12 month warranty. So somehow I am forced to give it a try. But I am not very confident ; )) 

What I just found out: obviously there is no oil in the unit although I was promised that I will receive it ready to go .... 

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