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training options and some newbie questions

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Hi Everyone,

New to the sport and forum.

I have been exploring ppg for last many weeks, watching videos and stuff.  As it has been stated tons of times to get training. The question is how to select a training.  I am in VA and there is no training school nearby - i have looked around in MD/PA/SC/NC -- and apparently there are many schools in Florida  - anyone has a recommendation? 

Second question: I have read a number of times to not worry about gear and select a training school FIRST - however the challenge is how do i know the gear that instructor/school is selling is good gear? At this point i have zero information about the PPG brands and Wings but what i would really like to do is to go to school which sells me similar gear to one that i get training on. but that school may be using a gear which may not be a great fit. Am I overthinking it? --

Third question: Is it a good practice for beginner to get a new motor but a used beginner wing ? I am sure new gear smells great but I would want to stay within a certain budget.

Any help, tips, instructions, blogs for beginners are greatly appreciated.


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