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Ground handling wing. Should i?

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Im just starting my lessons for paragliding and eventually goal is paramotoring.

What do you think whether it is worth it to spend my hard earnd money to ground handling wind?

And when the goal is to learn motorgliding, does it make any sense to buy a wing that can be used both, free flying and motoring?

I thought that i could start to fly my own wing during the training and get used to it before the paramotor training.

Thanks, and sorry for bad english.


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See the ground handling specific gliders as something marketed for instructors who have lots of students and want something that's extra easy and durable to kite for beginners. Some instructors will just use an older wing for this.

What you really want for ground handling is a laminar light wind so you easily can inflate the wing and stand in one position most of the time. You don't kite the wing in nil wind, but you can practise "dry launch" just by running. However some wind is always to prefer to get a good understanding and to be able to play with the wing.

Throughout your whole ppg/paragliding career you should and will always practise ground handling with the wing you intend to fly. There is more to it then just the basics that will make you a much better pilot, and it's also something that later will give you a feel of the behavior of a different wing. So learn to love it, even if it sucks in the absolute beginning when everything is difficult. You will see that advanced pilots practise this a lot and do all sorts of tricks. Watch on youtube to get inspired.

About the wing, If your main goal is PPG, then get a PPG wing, it will still work for free flying with the trims closed.

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