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Paramotor theory learning

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I'm working on scale model paramotors and have no experience with the real thing yet.

I just love paramotors.

I understand there's lots to learn about wind, lift, drag, launch, land, everything with regards to having a successful and enjoyable flight.

YouTube and Googling yields little resources on the actual theory or science of paramotor, it's mostly about experiences and launching...without buying a book on it. I am a visual and conversational learner, I can't remember what I read in a book. Forums have worked for me because it's conversational.

I need help learning to control a wing.

If anyone can point me in the right direction that would be so so awesome. I'm sure questions i have had been raised before.

1. I'm afraid it's too windy and I'm not heavy enough, when I successfully launch and get airborne, is that too late to call it quits? How often does it happen that an individual is not weighted enough to fly in that given wind?

2. Too windy, I launch, I can't land. What are some basics or theory of lift/wing loading that I can know about to give me some confidence that I won't be blown up up and away?

3. I'm afraid the wind will take me away, I have no forward speed into the wind,facing down wind only takes me further and further away from the safe zone. Am I correct all I need to do it create spin/circle? But when I do circle the zone, I find myself still gaining altitude due to the wind.

Thanks so so sooo much for any advice and willingness to share and help!!

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Hi Happy, virtually everyone is going to advise you to get some training.

In answer to your questions, if it's too windy you don't fly, simple.

A wing is specified with a total weight range and you should be within that range, so you won't get a 'not heavy enough' scenario.

If the wind picks up whilst airbourne you can always land, though not where you might prefer if you have no forward motion.


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10 hours ago, alan_k said:

If the wind picks up whilst airbourne you can always land, though not where you might prefer if you have no forward motion.

Is it okay to ask how to land in that scenario? Or is it a closed topic. I'll understand either ways.

Theoretically, if the wind kicks up, that means I've either lost forward speed into the wind, or are too fast downwind. If I go into the wind for landing, the wind ends up taking me higher.. I'm guessing I'll need to change my aoa pulling other risers other than brakes? Or other techniques? Spiral?


10 hours ago, alan_k said:


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