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Tip tangles


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Had a tip tangle on take-off today. Not too bad, needed left brake at 2 or 3 to hold straight. The tip steering line had got itself tied in with the C's. Like flying with a little "big ear" on one side.

More interestingly, this was my first flight on my new AC Nitro 200.....as my other machine broke again! 


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Nicely handled. Tip tangles like these aren't uncommon and a lot of people report it. It would definitely make me a bit nervous. :D

I love the AC's and that's what I'll be looking to upgrade to when the time is right. Been looking around for some 130's as this would suit a skeleton like me (68kg) ideally but there aren't any around for sale second hand and unsure whether they still sell them brand new.

I also love the views man, a bit jealous really! Should come over there for a day of flying if that's possible at all. Where about is it? Looks like somewhere in Spain.

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15 hours ago, Diyan said:

You should be awarded with the "Luckiest Guy Ever" medal LOL :D It truly is very beautiful man, I'd absolutely love to fly about there!

So am I invited then or what? :D 


Fellow flyers are always welcome to visit. Amazing mountain flying as well! I am here 6 months of the year....Jan/Feb, May/Jun and Sep/oct. :)


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