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Start of the Journey - Training nr Reading/West Berks

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Hey All,

I'm Simon, late 20s IT guy from the West Berks area. Being into Motorcycles, I was recently chatting with someone who described Paramotors as "the freedom feeling of bikes, but in 3D". I have always wanted to fly, but other than a couple of lessons I rotary wing - I have never had the free capital to take to the sky that way. So I thought it was about time to get a taste for it :)

Apart from a lot of googling, I am otherwise completely clueless - so looking for someone to show me the ropes. I understand that Simon at Membury is the probably the best option for where I am located,

My question really, however, is - I feel like I am on the heavier end of the scale for this kind of thing at 115kg in my birthday suit. I hasten to add, I am not a (complete ..) blob - just a stocky chap with muscular legs and arms and a beer gut in the middle :D:$

Curious how much that is going to get in the way of training, wing, motor selection etc ?

Thanks in advance,


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Hi Simon, 

I am currently training with Simon at Membury and loving it.

I was in quite a similar situation to yourself, i was 120kg but have gotten down to 112kg and have no issues with the kit i did find a lot of instructors that would not take me on due to my weight but this is as they did not have the correct size wings. 

I know that Simon does as i have been using them, and as far as engine size the moster 185 seems to cover most people from what i have gleamed from my training but these are things to talk to the trainers about.

Best thing is to give him a call and have a chat.

Good luck it is the best thing i have ever done! and met some really nice people along the way.

Hopefully see you soon.


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Hi Simon and welcome to the forum.

I've been riding motorbikes for more than 30 years. If you compare how a bike makes you feel to driving a car, this is how you feel flying a paramotor compared to flying a conventional light aircraft. This is waaay better IMHO.

If you feel that any aspect of your physical ability may make things difficult, you can now consider using a trike in the UK..........I use one and am happy to let the wheels take the strain after a burst disc in my back (but not everyone agrees or wants to fly that way). Americans now have a quad, the Blackhawk Low Boy, but I'm not aware of any European 4 wheelers. Anyone know different?

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