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Amputee looking to get into paramotoring.

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Hi guys

Following from an accident 2 years ago, ive recently had my right leg amputated. Its got me looking at sports I might be able to do once I'm on the mend. I have want to do something totally different.

Thats what got me initially looking at Paragliding, and through that I found paramotoring. It looks such so amazing. Looking on Youtube has given me loads to look at and it's  helped fuel the excitement. It's left me with a few questions that I hope some of you might be able to answer please.

Firstly, I've seen paramotoring Quads on the net, but when looking on different British training companies I haven't seen this advertised. Are they not widely used in the U.K., or are they not even legal over here? I have seen plenty trike frame paramotoring which does also appeal, but the quads seemed a little more stable.

Secondly, being minus a leg, will this be a disadvantage when training? I ask this as I think I'm correct when I say most people learn without the motor first, and probably work up to a quad/trike. I can't see myself running with a motor on my back, so would I still be able to learn with a quad or trike without initially learning the skills minus the motor?

Any advice will be really appreciated. If it helps I'm up in the midlands and will be looking to learn in the new year.


Many thanks

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It's a challenge for almost everyone in the beginning with ppg. Just don't accept failure and you will be fine. If something doesn't fit, be prepared to modify it for your needs. I've seen custom wheelchairs for paragliding. Works just fine, there are many out there. So there is someway to learn for sure.

There are so many alternatives available if you want to fly something fun.
Think of PPGas maybe the most challenging. I think UL-trike might be easier. Or anything you can fly with a PPL. If you check aerobility.com you find a charity for disabled that wants to fly airplanes. Maybe it's time to introduce PPG for them? Give them a call. Because I definitly think PPG trike works for some.

Anyway good luck and keep us updated. It would be very interesting to hear about training and progress. Maybe something more people would benefit from hearing.

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If you can dream it, you can do it! :-) 

personally, I can't see an issue with using one leg to steer the trike on the ground and think that you would be fine! 

If you want to take a spin over to us when our trike is ready (soon I hope) I am certain we can have you taxying up and down the airfield in a day :-) If your happy that you can see it working we can go from there. Think of it as a free toe dip session. :-):-) 

Welcome to the Paramotor Club! 


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Hi Casper thanks for the advice and the link, it's great to know it's possible. I will definitely keep you all posted. Hopefully I can get the word out to more people with disabilities and show them it's still possible to have a normal life. 

Simon it would be a privilege to meet up and take a flight on your trike. If you let me know when it is up and running we can sort something out. It may be that I'm not up and about enough before the new year however as it's still early days. I'm sure that once I've been up once though you won't get rid of me until I'm flying confidently on my own. 



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