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Interesting video


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I think performance will be affected. The divergent/convergent section is the tuned part of the exhaust, designed to help pull the gases out of the engine. After this comes the silencer. These guys have combined both. Achieving rpm when stationary is easier than when moving as when moving more air is being fed to the props ie it is running at lower power/thrust when stationary. I keep saying, if manufacturers want to tune the paramotor engines then they need to put them in a wind tunnel! 

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Innovation can only be a good thing :-) If V1 does not work... these seem like the kind of guys who will move on to V2. :-) I already like the idea. Assuming they can work out the tuning aspect, I would get one for sure. The weight saving is massive for a single part, and the weight is fairly far away from the body. 

Sounded a little noisier than the standard one though to be honest. 

Interesting indeed. :-)



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