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RAF Fairford. Paraglider and 4 engine bomber in the same shot!

admin (Simon W)

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All kinds can definitely co-exist in peace and safety in the vastness of the skies if everyone is responsible enough. Glad to see paramotors in the skies nowadays are becoming more and more. A bit worried, however, about silly regulations potentially coming in place. Less paperwork, less hassle, low costs and maximum fun were the reasons for me to switch over to this hobby from microlights. In my opinion these are the reasons for more and more people to be joining us daily and I sincerely hope CAA is not going to ruin it all for us. Little regulations like mandatory training to a satisfactory standards and mandatory insurance would be only logical however anything on top of it (log books for engines/frames, aircraft licences etc. etc.) would reduce the fun dramatically. Again, that's solely my opinion.

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