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paramotorclub website URL


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Hi Simon,

i dont wish to make any criticism of this website this is purely a querying observation.


When one attempts to enter the URL for this website, i note that in your zone file records for the domain, it appears that you have not set the "www" CNAME record to point to  "paramotorclub.org (or vice versa whichever you want to be the main URL).

Essentially this means that if someone enters just paramotorclub.org in their web broswer, and have not edited their local desktop pc hosts file to do this automatically, a "forbidden" error is returned in web browser.

You may have done this on purpose, although this particular situation is not a usual method of setting up URL zone file records...so it may be something you were not aware of how to fix. I am not familiar with your registrar interface for reseller domain management on the Tucows registry, or you may be under the complete management of biziserver internet solutions (are they a reseller for tucows?), however, generally the solution is as simple as the following example shows...


To keep your main URL as www.paramotorclub.org, either you or biziserver internet solutions should go into your domain registrar administration area, select your zone records and add the following record


HOSTNAME                                 RECORD TYPE                         DESTINATION

paramotorclub.org                            CNAME                      www.paramotorclub.org 


this will stop the "forbidden error" when paramotorclub.org is enterred into a web browser, instead displaying www.paramotorclub.org URL in users web browser. It is essentially telling the web browser that paramotorclub.org is an alias of www.paramotorclub.org and will go there instead.


If you ever need website and or hosting help, just drop me an email or private message. Hope i am not overstepping boundries here...just that i run a small web hosting business of my own and tend to dabble a bit in these things as a consequence.

kind regards,


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It's actually something that niggles me now and then. Biziserve hosted the old site and the non www. domain worked then. When we moved over to the new ones it did not work any more. The issue I have now is that neither of the companies claim to be able to do it without the help of the other. :-(

Its also something to do with that my emails are still with Biziserve. I will send a copy of your post to them both just to let them know that I still want it to happen at some point :-) 



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SI, do you log into cpanel or do they do everything for you? If you have the login details then you can get anyone with knowledge to look at it for you. I will be travelling for the next 25 hours and will have 2 of my family experts trapped in the car with me. :)

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You need access to the DNS entries for the domain - these are reported as

LIVEDNS.CO.UK so I'm guessing you have a fasthosts account for the domain

A bit of a dig there shows that www.paramotorclub.org is a cname for


I'm guessing that a cname record for paramotorclub.org pointing to the same tryinvision.com url will fix the issue although it's not always a great idea to add a cname for the domain root. This can be done at the fasthosts control panel.

The root cause of the issue is the slightly strange way the the domain has been told to use the tryinvision servers. There is probably a better way of doing it than at present.

Just shout if I can help further.

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