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Training and friends near Bedford?

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I'm looking to get into paramotoring (almost convinced my wife) and wondered if anyone does it near Bedford? I'm quite close to Cranfield airport. Where is the best place to learn? I've had a lurk on the forum and it seems Clive Mason might be nearest? Is he a good instructor?

If anyone in the area is going to go flying, please let me know and I'll come along and buy you a pint afterwards. (Reward for all the questions I will ask you!) :D

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I'm in Milton Keynes and I know of at least four others but only met two. Here is a link

I trained with @admin (Simon W) at Membury. But I have met Clive. Nice bloke and the paramotor world has a lot of respect for him. I do most of my flying in Newbury because that's where most of my flying buddies live. I have flown over MK once but again I know others do more often. Only been flying since April this year but happy to answer anything I can.




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Thanks Danny I seem to spend a lot of time in MK these days, still pondering getting my training done. Not sure whether to do it this year or wait until the Spring.

A mate at work is a skydiver and he recommends getting my training done in a country with better, more reliable weather, but I'm not sure that's a good idea from what I've read on the forums here. I think I'll get it done in UK and if it takes a couple of months, so be it.

I've been wondering about UK law regarding PPG. e.g. legal places to take off and land, areas that are forbidden, etiquette around flying over houses, private property, etc... Is there any info on that I can read? I've ordered the handbook Paramotoring: The essential Guide from the store, just waiting for that to arrive as I'm sure it will answer some questions.

Cheers, hope to see you around next year some time...

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Packing orders today, sending tomorrow :-):-) 

Welcome to the Paramotor Club!! We teach all year around and when it comes to 'how long it takes' it can often be quicker in the winter months! how? why? 

In the summer months it is very normal to spend half of any given day, waiting for the thermic activity to die down before being able to fly. So although we do have more days on the field in the summer, they are normally actually closer to half a day. 

In the winter months, we have 'slightly' less flyable days but when we do have them, they are typically longer flying windows and more often than not a good day is good all day. :-) (think crispy frosty morning with blue sky) :-)

If your 'mojo' is in the right place now, get it done now is my advice. 



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Thanks Simon, nice community you have here.

I'm 46 yo, and have always wanted to fly since I was a kid. I made 60 applications after I had completed my A levels for commercial pilot training but got rejected from all of them, I think it was because there was no demand at the time and there was a recession on. I then applied for officer training in the RAF (my family have a history), and I got rejected on the medical due to not having 20/20 vision. Oh well.

So, ever since I've wanted to fly but with family etc never had the money to go for PPL. It never occurred to me that I could do PPG, and to be honest paragliding without a motor never really appealed as it seemed so limiting. Since discovering PPG through Tucker Gott's McDonald's video :-) it all clicked and made sense, so now I'm psyching myself up to do the training and convince my wife it's worth the money. :D

Hope to see some of you in the air soon...

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