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Any Maverick owners out there?

Ryan Møller Jensen

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I'm looking for a review on the Maverick. But all I seem to find is info from the factory or from dealers. 

I saw the videos from Phil Crabtree (i think that's his name) who is also here on PMC. They were very informative but not really what I'm looking for. 

Are there any owners out there who would like to tell about their experience and opinions on this machine?

Thanks in advance. Ryan 

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I've had my Mav since the beginning of July and flown it approx 7 hours.

I have a Nissan Qashqai and the carry case fits in with the back seats down with plenty of space left. I build and dismantle everytime.

Building is very easy and takes me about 15 minutes. Other people whom also have a Mav and I fly with, build it quicker. I'm in IT so I hit a space bar for a living while others are more mechanically minded.

Access to the fuel tank is easy and I have the Moster 185 Plus and so far it's been reliable and I don't think I have ever had to use full throttle.

The harness is configurable.

The two main things I really like about it is that I trained on a Zenith with 80lc which was great however, the weight of the Mav and the Moster feels lighter. So more power without, what feels like, any extra weight. The second thing is that I am quite short, 5f 6inch and when I flew the Zenith, the bottom bars would hit the back of my knees while taking off. (Not an excuse for terrible take offs) Where are the Mav is mounted higher for me. Which makes it *feel* easier to take off and not a worry if I land too quick.

There have been two *cons* in the pro/con list for me.

1 - When moving the throttle cable e.g. to grab my A before launch, it rev'd the engine. I emailed John@parajet who sent me instructions which was 2 minute task and it worked.

2 - The same spring clip has broken a few times. The nipple is not solid as with the zenith and has snapped. Again, John@Parajet sent me a bag of them free of charge.

Overall I can only compare to the Zenith 80 and I once flew a Zenith with a Moster and can say, for me at least, I believe I made the right choice and am very happy with it. Feel free to ask me anything. I am not affiliated with Parajet so will give you a genuine reply.



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