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Thrust required for tandem

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Is there a general rule about amount of power required to tandem? Obviously 2 big burley blokes will require more but my current set up is reportedly 65kg of thrust and I'm only coming in a 73kg clothed. In the future would it be possible to tandem if I limited it to someone a similar weight to myself?

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I used to fly tandem on a ROS 125 and I am 82 kg naked and my passengers were up to 65 kg and climb was ok. I have heard of people doing tandem on a Top 80. I now fly a Moster and this will be ample to Tandem . This was on a 42 metre wing so as long as your not trying to tandem on a smaller or faster wing you will be ok with 65 kg of thrust

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Hi will007,

I regularly take my 11 year old boys up with my Miniplane top 80 and Dudek Orca 2 wing (42m3). It was easy when they were younger (8yrs), but now as they're growing I feel it's safer that I get more power, to get away from the ground sooner. (That's what I told the Mrs, and the result is a new Nitro 200) :D 

I'm also 82kg and have taken the Mrs up but that was using a Pap ros 125. It had enough thrust but it would have been nicer/safer if I had more.

The Nitro should be plenty.

One of the most experienced guys I know doing tandems is Clive Mason. I'm sure he'd help you out. :grin:

Kind regards



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more power helps for sure. Motor weight made a difference to me more so with tandem. I find tandem I stand for longer while sorting passenger also if there is any mishap on the launch its easier managed and I feel it is safer with less weight. More power good but can also be bad, feed the power on slowly as the launch progresses. Most of all I choose good conditions or conditions the suit the kit.

With less power you are going to run longer, this is not ideal, so I would suggest launching in a light wind to shorten the run, add a slight down hill element it will get easier. Allow plenty of land out room incase climb out lets you down.

42m wings react at almost half the speed of a 26m wing, bigger slower turns but also need to flare twice as early and twice as much. This is not every wing and just a guide to be aware of. When you flare any wing, you swoop under and out in front. On a tandem the lines are much longer, the distance from pilot to cloth is great and that swoop is bigger and takes longer.

Get hooked up with an already competent tandem pilot.

I also have thoughts that a syndicate could be  good way of buying tandem gear as it doesn't get used that much privately compared to solo flying plus the cost is higher due to the size of the wing.

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Ideal thanks for the replies, how does it work as far as using the right wing? I'm guessing an official tandem wing is the way to go compared to just a larger with able to handle the weight as they're rated for tandem. Before I tried it I would seek further advice anyway from someone already doing it 

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