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Hadron 1.1 vs hadron xx

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My all up weight will be 135kg

Was talking to the local guys that fly and they said there is a huge difference between the 1.1 and xx.  I have a guy willing to sell his 1.1 24m with around 5 hours on it for 2 grand.  Everyone Ive talked to said go for the xx.  Is there a huge difference in performance?  I just want efficiency for xc.  Not concerned about slalom.


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I have both and love them both dearly. From your description you are similar in flying style to me. The 1.1 is the wing I always go to first, the XX I see as a luxury item for when I'm in the mood to go a little mad. Many do but for for me I wouldn't want the XX as my only wing. The dilemma is that the XX is so fast that in terms of distance covered for fuel burnt it is very efficient, more than the 1.1 but if you fly with other people on more mainstream wings it is hard to match speeds with them. In the US there are quite a few used original Hadrons come up for sale (usually the Nirvana version which has unsheathed line sets) and they are very reasonably priced.

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